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Are you looking to improve your business’ training materials at an affordable price, done by proficient communicators who can provide the most comprehensive training content on the market? Lavender Dragon Team is here to be a valuable resource for your business. We are offering Instructional Design in Hendersonville, TN, to companies looking to improve their training processes with E-courses through the use of instructional design, gamification, and more. To find out more about how we can radically improve the efficiency of your business, contact us today at (615) 431-1304 for a free in-depth consultation.

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If you want to invest well in growing your business, you must start with your people. Providing your employees with sound training is the foundation of their future performance, morale, and confidence in their ability to do their job well. Employees misinformed about company policies and procedures can cost you money in lost productivity and additional training to get them back on track. So, revamp your training processes to clearly communicate company policies and procedures to give your people the proper training that they, and you, deserve. There is only one problem. You either don't know if your curriculum is clear enough for your employees to understand or you have not had the time to make it a top priority to update with new information.
It’s for time-crunched business owners like you that Lavender Dragon Team began. We are a team of communication experts who specialize in designing comprehensible training materials for your business. We help you clarify your processes and create engaging content to achieve a high ROI in your employee’s learning, through specializing in industry-leading E-learning programs for companies nationwide. Whether you are looking to update or overhaul your employee training, we can help you take the next step of your organizational growth today.

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We can help you radically improve the morale and efficiency of your business. For your free initial one-hour consultation, give us a call at (615) 431-1304.

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